What makes a player a good captain in CS:GO?

Teams in CS:GO often suffer from a shortage of good in-game leaders. The role of captain in CS:GO, is one of the most debated roles in our favorite game. While everyone agrees that it requires responsibility, investment, and a great deal of work, there is some doubt that the CS:GO community correctly understands the qualities that should be inherent in a captain. In this article, we will attempt to describe some aspects of the captain’s game. Whether you are a tactician, a leader by example, a mentor, a quiet voice in a storm, or a warrior, there are many qualities that a leader should have. 

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Preparing for the match

The main essence of the captain is to set strategic directions. Before games, he must develop, study, prepare, and show various strategies on the cards. This requires a thorough understanding of the game. The leader must anticipate the movements and positions of his opponents to create a successful strategy and anticipate unexpected decisions of the opponent. The captain must not only be able to be creative, but also be able to anticipate the weaknesses and strengths of his tactics, and to improve them over time.

Things are different during the game. The strategies you come up with must be used at the right moment as a logical response to your opponent’s plan, you must analyze before or by the middle of the match. This is a complex task that depends on the leader’s ability to unravel his opponent’s tactics. Even though analysts can supply the captain with all sorts of information, he must guide his team and give it an advantage through strategies.

Match behavior and the captain’s example

Even perfect preparation for a match is no guarantee of victory. In official matches, things often do not go as expected. Mistakes happen, the opponent may be unexpectedly stronger – the frustration of this will inevitably hinder team communication, impair decisions and reduce the overall performance of the team. It is extremely important that the leader always maintain a productive, motivating, and decisive stance. The in-game leader is a mood barometer. Captains should lead by example, not only to increase the team’s chances of winning, but also to calm teammates down if they start radiating negative energy. The captain should be the kind of person he would want his teammate to be. This applies mostly to official matches, where the performance is highly dependent on the mood of the team, but it also applies to training.

Working for the future

Since practice is all about learning, a parallel must be drawn between the captain and the teacher. Even though the entire team is responsible for improving and finding new solutions, we often look to the captain to figure out why the team is losing. Not only should captains be the primary instigators of global change in the team, a good leader must create the conditions for his players to train properly and figure out which training process is more effective. This requires not only a great deal of time, but also pedagogical ability. 

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