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A comprehensive engineering assessment tool (fracture mechanics software) that automates the procedure for offshore components was developed by vteam #585. The application caters to Oil & Gas, Nuclear and Construction industry, for various types of structures such as pipelines, pressure vessels, tanks and buildings.

This complex system demanded the use of multiple frameworks and languages. vteams engineers developed the system as a web based application in ASP.NET MVC, MS.SQL Server, AngularJS and used Google Visualization API for GUI (Graphical User Interface).


The fracture mechanics software/system:

  • Incorporates API-RP-579 stress intensity solutions and reference stress solutions
  • Incorporates BS7910 stress intensity solutions
  • Fully validated calculations for stress intensity factor, reference stress, FAD and Mk factor
  • Automate allowable initial flaw size calculations by iterations
  • Define stages of life in terms of load blocks
  • Input Pm and Pb in the load histograms
  • Run sensitivity studies from a parameter table
  • Account for crack face pressure in the calculation of stress intensity factor and reference stress
  • Integrate crack growth using the Walker and the Foreman equations accounting for mean stress effects
  • Define FEA based Mk factors
  • Account for SCFs by defining the stress profile through the thickness
  • Easily incorporate new solutions and special situations
  • Applications: oil and gas, nuclear, and construction industries; various types of structures including pipelines, pressure vessels and piping, tanks, buildings, etc; for design and in-service phases
  • Exporting reports into Word and PDF formats


To easily comprehend complex assessments, the application provides a rich GUI and extensive control for various parameters and data.

With the use of Google Visualization API, vteams engineers were able to demonstrate the complex data and functions graphically. Integrating Google Visualization API was not easy, which the team expected due to the intricate nature of the data. The successful implementation of Google Visualization API was considered a major milestone for this project.

To visualize the desired assessments, relevant data is first uploaded in the application, which is then processed and exported into files with specific formats on the server. The application displays calculated results in numerical and graphical formats.

One feature of the application is to export reports in MS Word and PDF format. To make this possible, vteams used third party tools to export SVG graphics to JPEG formats because MS Word and PDF do not support SVG graphics.


This project was completed within the given time and is now available for commercial use. vteams gathered another star for itself for creating a unique fracture mechanics cloud based software, which saves time by automating multiple parameters.