Shifting Pets Marketplace from WordPress to Laravel

vteam #496 was required to work on developing a central marketplace for pet lovers. This central hub would enable pet owners to buy pet products from nearby service providers. These service providers would get pet products from different manufacturers and distributors. The main target was to achieve nearby radial search and listings.


It was a challenging task because client was not clear about the requirements. Initial requirement was more of an internet directory nature where WordPress specialized Theme fit in a good way. Later, the client shifted towards marketplace that had different branches with extended functionality.

Repetitive change in features caused difficulty in mapping and maintaining the requirements on WordPress. After high level customization in the default WordPress, addition of new features such as zip code and radial search made more confusion. Moreover, high level of customization caused performance issues with a large amount of data.


vteam #496 proposed the client to switch from WordPress CMS system to Laravel5 framework. Since changes were required up to Database level, the client was thoroughly explained about the MVC structure and its rich features.

Laravel5 provided a high level of security because of its default tools that saved the marketplace from XSS attacks. Laravel5 Eloquent ORM also helped to gain optimal results with the large amount of data.


As a result of implementing Laravel5 MVC Structure, vteams engineer successfully developed an easily customized, well managed and high security application. This application could also facilitate fast retrieval of data because of ORM. Hence, rapid and repetitive changes were made without any aggravation.