Medicines for eye care


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The use of drugs for eye health
Sight gives us the most information about the world around us, that’s why we pay special attention to eyeball diseases. Medicines are selected strictly according to the cause of disease. Three groups can be selected conditionally:
● Moisturizing agents. They are used under prolonged stress on the eyes, to reduce the harmful effects of the computer. Most often, eye drops are used to relieve redness and fatigue.
● Antiallergic agents. These drugs help in case of allergic reactions, redness, swelling. For example, drops from allergies and inflammation are used to treat conjunctivitis.
● Medicines. This group includes products with a strong active component. They are used to restore vision, with serious damage to the eyeball.

Forms of release
When selecting a drug to solve vision problems, doctors are focused on the content of the active substance. In this case, the drug may have several forms of release of different degrees of exposure, so experts always give a recommendation with detailed instructions on the dosage, form and procedure for use. Manufacturers offer the following dosage forms:

● Eye drops. They have a strong pronounced effect and are used both for treatment and prevention of diseases.
● Eye ointments and gels. They are characterized by anti-inflammatory and antibacterial action.
● Pills, capsules. They include vitamin complexes for prevention, as well as antibiotics for deep action on the pathology of the eyeball.

For whom
All drugs are manufactured to a certain standard and undergo a mandatory inspection. The evaluation system depends on who the drug is intended for:
● Baby drops. Medicines for children are more strictly certified and must meet a large list of criteria for composition, concentration.
● Adult eye drops may contain impurities and strong antibiotics that are unacceptable to the child’s body.

When choosing a medicinal product, it is important to pay attention not only to the content of the active substance, but also to possible restrictions in use. Each drug has its own contraindications, which can be found in the instructions for the selected eye drops.

The most common are:
● Pregnancy and breastfeeding;
● Hypersensitivity to the components;
● Allergic reaction.

Vitamins for the eyes
Computers and smartphones have firmly entered the life of modern man. Radiation from liquid crystal screens and energy-saving lamps causes fatigue of the visual apparatus. Prolonged exposure to the blue spectrum of radiation causes reduced visual acuity, eye carvings, a feeling of “sand”, dry cornea – these are symptoms of computer visual syndrome, which is now classified as one of the diseases of the eyes. Studies have shown that the level of ophthalmological diseases is very high. Eye vitamins are used to prevent pathology.

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