CS GO: aim training for a beginner

If you are a beginner, it is very important to touch on the moment of correct and clear turns on Competitive cards, because your teammates will very often let the enemy into the rear. Killing one opponent, already think about who you’ll target next. It is important to maintain the pace. Do not forget to rest after your hand starts to become tense. There is no need to torture yourself. Ideally, it is best to train in this way the most popular automatic weapons: AK, M4, AUG, SSG. You can also work with some guns in such dynamics. Do not stop after a hundred, make at least 500 of each of the above mentioned guns. At first it seems like a big number, but in fact this is the only way to stuff your hand motor skills on an intuitive level. You can also check csgo.net.


Some details about CS GO training

Start paying attention to firing. After the training of single shots, go on to kill the bots with a “clamp” at different distances. In this way you will intuitively learn the so-called spray-pattern – a pattern, which is used every time the sight goes after the start of shooting. Imagine a situation where there are two opponents in a real game. Giving two one tap is a beautiful dream, but not always feasible. Especially if your opponents are close enough. In this case it is better to shoot them properly. You can work it off with the bots. Just aim at one bot, clamp it, and as soon as it dies, quickly transfer to the other side without releasing the mouse button. The experience of such translations will come with time, so don’t despair if you don’t succeed at first.

Beginner’s mistake: many people, when they see an enemy nearby, clutch the firing key and start running from side to side, trying to dodge enemy bullets. At the same time, players forget that while moving, the accuracy of shooting falls almost to zero, with the exception of rare accidental hits, which are rare in CS, as well as when using some types of weapons, which are designed for this style, such as the P90.

What does it give?

The majority of shootings in CS are at medium and close range. Long-distance shots are not every player’s risk and they are very risky, although they are also necessary. With this technique, we teach ourselves to respond to threats with lightning speed. You also intuitively work out for yourself the right pace of shooting. Often, newcomers trying to shoot at one cartridge do it too fast. As a result, the stability of the sight is broken in the same way as with the spray. Counter-Strike does not like hurry.


You should work with them separately. Flickshot is a quick shot at the enemy, which appeared unexpectedly in sight. It is a very important element of the competitive Counter-Strike, which should be trained. Here again, let’s step back a little bit from the topic and remember the peculiarities of the human body.

Physiologically, the usual right-handed person who holds the mouse in his right hand is always easier to make an accurate shot when he leads the hand to the left. If you lead it from the right, the accuracy of the aiming decreases. Roughly speaking, if your enemy is on your left, it is always easier to kill him than if he is on the right. You can and should fight it, and training with bots at the initial level is the best way to do it.

To learn how to make flicks, just initially point the sight not at the bot model, but to the left or right of it. The distance to the model can be different, it all depends on what flick you want to make. After that, move the sight towards the opponent as quickly as possible, as if it were a living opponent and you have a fraction of a second to eliminate it. Such actions are best done daily to fix for yourself the reaction rate and accuracy of the aiming. If you need more information, you can find it at https://csgo.net/faq.