Fixing Ajax Call Issue in IE7 to Display Latest Tutorial Video Listings

vteam #252 has been working on a client’s web application of tutorial videos for recording, mixing and production, which has been live for a decade. The application holds significant customer information, order history and video data over 350 GB. This site has been developed using latest technologies. In particular, the issue that client was facing was in Ajax calls (at different places). On the video player page, a list of tutorial videos is being displayed in a single course.

The client required vteams engineers Raza Mehdi and Aaqib Javed to develop a feature to show video listings, upon the selection of a course using Ajax call. This would optimize the loading time of video player page. It was a challenge to display quick response and a proper video listing, as they could only be modified from back-end.

There was a browser compatibility limitation as well; the data response from Ajax call could be received in only one of the following ways:

  1. HTML Data Response
  2. JSON Response

Thus, there was an issue encountered while working on IE7 browser. It was showing the old data due to cache as no problem was identified in the code. After some code level checks at the front-end and server level, a hack was applied on making Ajax call unique. The current timestamp was added with Ajax call parameters to make it unique.