Using Laravel 5.3 to Connect Infusionsoft and Slybroadcast

A cross platform Laravel app that merged Infusionsoft and Slybroadcast to aid the client’s business development process was developed by vteams. The client requested vteams to create a mechanism which could use Infusionsoft’s “POST” method to post details to the Laravel application. This app was configured to sync POST request automatically with the selected voice message and then request Slybroadcast to send that selected message to the particular customer.

To send voicemail messages recorded through Slybroadcast to customers’ whose data was stored in Infusionsoft (as a part of the client’s follow-up method for potential leads); all this had to be done through the Laravel app.


As you know infusionsoft aids small and medium enterprises to obtain leads through various online platforms. To achieve the requested functionality for the client’s application, vteams engineer ran a test campaign to accurately collect the information from infusionsoft’s platform using the following steps:

  1. Customer Request Entry from Contact Form/Landing Page
  2. Automated Email generated from Infusionsoft
  3. Three Minutes Delay (to deploy the lead’s info on the Laravel app)
  4. POST request to the Laravel app to send Voicemail Message

Whenever a request is sent by any customer, infusionsoft collects his/her cell number. Later, this cell number (information) is passed onto the Laravel application along with the following information:

  • Contact ID (Customer ID)
  • Contact Name
  • Contact Cell Number
  • Marketing Manager ID
  • Marketing Manager Name
  • Marketing Manager Cell Number
  • Voice Message ID
    (Note: To connect Infusionsoft request with slybroadcast messages, list of all the slybroadcast messages were accessed and saved in the Laravel app. This Voice Message ID is a reference to that list.)
  • Infusionsoft Tag ID
    (Note: For reporting purposes in Infusionsoft, a tag was created in order to assign it to the particular customer whenever a voice message is sent. The created tag was then sent to the Laravel app which will then assign it to that particular Customer on successful message delivery.)

After that, slybroadcast API was used to connect the Laravel app for the following purposes:

  • Get Audio List to sync with Infusion soft requests
  • POST voicemail message request

In order to POST voicemail message, use the following information:

  • Slyb username
  • Slyb password
  • Message ID
  • Sender Cell Number
  • Receiver Cell Number
  • Return URL

Note: Return URL is necessary to track the delivery of these voicemail messages and report back to the sender. The results (either success or failure) have been recorded in app’s database that could later be used in analysis of leads.

The Laravel application helped in order to merge these two 3rd party application servers (Infusionsoft and Slybroadcast) to connect and work together for the benefit of the client. The custom-built app required an interactivity system of its own for which the following were developed:

  • An admin panel to provide an interface
  • An Audio List Crud to display available audio files on Slybroadcast
  • A closure Middleware to accept cross domain POST requests
  • An action in home controller to accept POST requests (leads) from Infusionsoft
  • Another action in home controller to accept results from Slybroadcast
  • A functionality to assign tags on leads for successful delivery of voicemail messages utilizing infusionsoft API

All the POST and GET information was saved in the database and presented with complete POST details on the Dashboard.