New Intel Solutions for Affordable High Performance Computing

Intel has announced new developments within the Intel Scalable System Framework (Intel SSF), which will enable the use of High Performance Computing (HPC) functionality in more industries and to handle more work tasks.

Intel Intel’s Omni-Path Architecture (Intel® OPA), a new switching technology optimized for high-performance computing, makes HPC clusters available to more users as a fundamental element of the Intel SSF.

Previously, HPC technologies were used only by large institutions to solve the most complex problems, including decoding the genome and predicting climate change. But now high-performance computing is transforming the work of an increasing number of industries, thanks to new workloads, including the analysis of “big data”. An increasing number of traditional market sectors, including healthcare and financial services, require the functionality of supercomputers in order to analyze large and complex data sets in real time.Intel’s innovations expand the functionality of HPC-technologies and remove the barriers to their implementation, so high-performance computer computing in the future will become publicly available.
“We are opening a new era when supercomputing is no longer a tool for solving specific problems and becoming a solution that is accessible to many,” said Charlie Wuischpard, vice president and general manager, Intel HPC Platform Group. – System-level innovations in the field of technologies for data processing, memory, software, and switching technologies make it possible for the system functionality to be designed and optimized for various usage models, starting with traditional high-performance computing and ending with big data analysis.
We believe that the Intel Scalable System Framework will help design and build next-generation systems that will enable the use of HPC technology everywhere. ”

Intel SSF is an advanced architectural approach designed to create more scalable, flexible, and balanced HPC systems. The Intel SSF will help simplify the delivery, deployment and management of HPC systems by expanding access to HPC technology for more industries and workloads, including data-driven analysis, visualization, and machine learning.

The Intel SSF architecture helps handle these various workloads that put pressure on a variety of computer systems, including the processor, memory, and I / O, through innovations that optimize the processing speed of various workloads. Intel SSF also provides a consistent platform for deploying HPC systems in the cloud.