Hughes Europe and AirTight Networks will offer high-performance secure Wi-Fi for the retail sector

RBTE Launched in 2014 Provides Wireless Scanning and Social Analytics Across Europe

Hughes Europe announced that they have teamed up with AirTight Networks to offer retailers a new, securely managed Wi-Fi service that combines wireless scanning and social analytics with PCI security standards. Launched for the first time at RBTE 2014 at Earls Court, the new HughesON ™ Wi-Fi Management Solution is Europe’s first secure Internet access offering designed specifically for retail businesses with distributed access points.

Combining Wi-Fi access with PCI standards, wireless security, social integration and analytics, the HughesON ™ end-to-end solution not only enhances the user experience, but adds value to the business by supporting advanced marketing opportunities – including loyalty programs.

“Our new HughesON ™ for managing and controlling Wi-Fi managed services provides the best cloud services and minimum hardware requirements to keep customers and employees online,” said Christopher Britton, Executive Director, Hughes Europe. “Based on over 20 years of experience supporting leading brands in retail, our solutions are future-proof and support advanced technology across multiple platforms without any problems.”

Hughes Europe’s HughesON ™ Managed Wi-Fi solution is designed specifically to provide retailers with an affordable, easy-to-use and scalable Wi-Fi access solution that matches their unique business processes and meets customer service requirements while maintaining PCI compliance and network security.

“An IT director who doesn’t listen to the marketer and the concomitant lack of return on investment in infrastructure will not last long in today’s business environment,” said Simon Hollister, director of EMEA AirTight. “Marketing teams get the biggest budgets today and now marketing, operations and IT can work together on a Wi-Fi project, turning it from a cost center to a source of revenue. HughesON’s Managed Wi-Fi solution from Hughes Europe, supported by AirTight, makes this collaboration real. ”

The social analytics feature allows customers to access the Internet through existing social media accounts, including Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn or Google+, and allows retailers to keep in touch with their customers after they leave the store. Coupons can be sent automatically to reward loyal customers or to encourage an occasional buyer to return, and advertising links can be quickly applied if new products are launched or to increase popularity.