How AppConnect Solves a Major Mobile Content Problem

Employees are consumers in the first place. Uninstall applications that they like and they will find a way to get them back at the expense of security. MobileIron’s AppConnect is an ecosystem built on the company’s leading EMM (Corporate Mobile Systems Management) platform, which now allows IT professionals to safely manage the best-in-class applications that users want without interacting directly with the user. Nect solves the main problem of mobile content

When it comes to file synchronization and application sharing, a differentiated approach is needed. Therefore, MobileIron is partnering with leaders in mobile content management such as Accellion, Acronis®, Box and WatchDox to provide integrated solutions that provide the corporate security that the IT department requires and the content management that employees need.

As proof of their commitment to supporting a secure user experience (UX), Accellion, Acronis, Box and WatchDox offer AppConnect-enabled products at a reduced price for a limited time. You can learn more about the available applications for secure content management at
“Our ecosystem supports some of the most popular mobile business applications,” said Sean Convery, vice president of product management at MobileIron. “Employees are naturally focused on application usability, while the IT team requires security. The AppConnect ecosystem gives both groups exactly what they need: application performance, which is the first reason for adopting mobile systems, and the security with which our customers can accept changes. ”

“Based on our mobility needs, the choice of Accellion and MobileIron was obvious to our organization,” commented James Gordon, Senior Vice President of Technology, Needham Bank. “We did not just solve the problem of collaboration and security one-time, but rather found the right solution at the right time, which can cope with any mobility problems in the future.”
“Blackstone has been using WatchDox with MobileIron for two years and the application features have struck us with simplicity,” said Bill Murphy, CTO at Blackstone. “We can work calmly because we are confident that our data is safe and that employees have the necessary tools for productive work.”
“As end users become increasingly mobile, IT is finding it increasingly difficult to protect sensitive information while supporting content creation, sharing, synchronization and employee access needs,” said Vidhya Ranganathan, Senior Vice President, Accellion Products. “With Accellion and MobileIron, companies can be sure that the information is safe and in compliance with regulatory requirements and standards, while enhancing staff’s mobile productivity.”

“Mobility forces us to change the way we are used to working every day and makes employees more productive. IT is now working to maintain control and security without interfering with this performance, ”said Ezequiel Steiner, General Manager of Mobile Solutions at Acronis. “In today’s mobile work environment, the IT team must deploy solutions that employees will truly use. Through a partnership with MobileIron, Acronis can empower IT with a security solution that unlocks the full potential of employee productivity while maintaining control. ”

“With the widespread adoption of mobile devices in the enterprise, CIOs need to build a BYOD policy that can strike the right balance between empowering employees and ensuring content protection,” said Justin Somaini, Box’s senior manager. “Together, Box and MobileIron offer security, visibility, policy management and IT requirements, while ensuring ease of use and user-expected performance.”
“Mobile users now expect to access and share everything from email to desktop files on all their devices outside the corporate network,” said Ryan Kalember, WatchDox Product Director. “The MobileIron API allows us to extend WatchDox file-level security to protect documents at rest, when forwarding or in use, on our clients’ own equipment or in the cloud.”
MobileIron products help IT professionals solve the main problem associated with moving critical corporate data to mobile devices. With their help, IT professionals gain complete understanding and control over data stored on mobile devices, user and application activity, with the aim of improving the security of corporate data, reducing risks and ensuring the convenience of everyday use of corporate mobile devices. For more information, contact the regional office of the official distributor – headtechnology