Developing an Inquiry Management Solution for a College System


Team span: March 2012 to September 2016
Duration: 4.5 years
Technology: ASP.NET MVC, Backbone.js, AngularJS, SignalR, RabbitMQ, SQL Server, MongoDB
Development Manager: Haseeb Ahmad
Engineer: Farrukh Hameed
Reason for closure: Successful Project Completion

vteam #334 was hired to work on the SmartSIS application system. It is an inquiry management solution that manages and tracks the inquiries coming from a variety of sources, including website inquiry form, external marketing websites and inquiry providers.  It was designed and developed for Living Arts College as they offer creative and medical courses to graduate students. This system would allow the client to:

  • Track the leads life cycle
  • Schedule interviews
  • Create templates for emails and text messages
  • Import and export leads

Using this system, client would be able to make efficient decisions and keep the users updated with necessary information and schedules.

Required Modules

Following modules were developed by vteams engineer Farrukh Hameed to meet the client’s requirements:

1- Inquiries Module

This module was developed to allow the system to manage:

  • General inquiries and campaign information
  • Financial planning award years
  • Tracking information
  • Pre-enrollment and International enrollment checklist

Using the journal notes, the system would attach notes with the inquiry. Now, the inquiry would be assigned to the admission officer, guest service officer and financial planning officer. The system would save inquiry listing criteria and inquiry listing views.

After that, the system would track the contact (which required the information). Now, the system would run validation rules on inquiry. In return, it would allow the system to execute the workflow of:

  • Inquiry and then change inquiry status
  • Triggered emails and text messages
  • Scheduled appointments

Additionally, the log was maintained for the actions that were performed on inquiry record.

2- Contact Module

Contact Management module was developed to:

  • Reach out to all contacts via email and SMS
  • Be able to assign a user with contact record
  • Manage all business contact information
  • Write any additional information for contacts (journal notes was used)
  • Create a maintenance log for recording all the actions performed on contact record
3- Calendar Appointments

Schedule system was created to:

  • Define work schedule of all members
  • Track leaves of all members
  • Review task list
  • View personal appointment schedule or of any colleague
  • Filter appointments by campus, roles and users
  • Sort appointments by day, week or month
4- Email and SMS Templates Module

This module was developed to define a template with subject, message body and message receiver information for email and SMS messages. Furthermore, field tags were used as a placeholder for inquires and contact records. This module also defined drop settings for email and SMS template messages. For convenience, filter criteria was also established.

5- Import and Export Process

This module was established to import and export inquiries and contact records in a CSV file format. Using web API endpoint, inquiries were imported.

6- Workflow Interaction

This system was created to:

  • Customize inquiry workflow using interaction
  • Define inquiry status for an actionable inquiry application
  • Define email and SMS templates that can trigger inquiry status for interaction
  • Define task and appointment to trigger inquiry status for interaction
7- Activity Log

This log was maintained in MongoDB based tracking structure to track and manage all the inquiries.

8- Notifications Module

Notifications module was created using SignalR and RabbitMQ to display popup messages related to any inquiry on user’s screen.

9- Event Enrollment – Android Tablet App

An android application was developed for event enrollment using Apache Cordova, AngularJS and Ionic framework. This app would define events, help with registration form and publish registration records to SmartSIS web API.