Adding New Features to the Invoicing Module of a Web Application

vteam #472 has been working on a custom-built application which provides software as a Service (SAAS) in dispute process outsourcing, training solution and credit repairs. The client required additional features in the application’s invoicing system while it was functional simultaneously. vteams engineers Hyder Ali and Usman Tariq had to add the following additional features using Microsoft MVC, Entity Framework and SQL Server:

  • Stop auto-payment on selected invoices
  • Manually update auto-invoices in accordance with consumed services before payment is processed
  • Develop valuable user experience in invoice updates
  • Keep track of every change made on the invoice for record keeping while updating the database for transactions


It was necessary for the team to work diligently as the app was still being used. Hence all the tests were done before pushing the final code for an automated execution. vteam #472 took the following steps to develop aforementioned features:

  • Identified all the instances once it would validate to stop the auto-generation of invoices i.e. after due date or pre-authorization. Halting auto generation would only be possible once these instances are fed to the code.
  • Developed a user interface which would allow to make adjustments in the invoices of different services before they are charged. Additionally, an ability was integrated to add or remove items from the invoices by keeping the dates and total constant.
    Note: The app already has an in-built database that would fetch costs of all the services and products automatically.
  • Developed a feature that would record every change on every invoice. After that, connected the pre-existing database to invoice changes in order to update database tables in a timely and consistent manner.

The client would be able now to make changes to the invoices on his own and this operation would not require any adjustments from back-end.


vteam #472 successfully deployed the newly developed invoice features with minimal post issues.